The Key To Reliability Sales Event

Yamaha: The Key To Reliability Sales Event


For a limited time, purchase a new, select eligible 2.5 hp - 300 hp Yamaha Outboard and choose either: 5 years of warranty protection or up to $1500 in dealer credit.

See your authorized participating Yamaha Outboard dealer today for details!
Other restrictions and conditions may apply.

*PROGRAM  TERMS  AND  CONDITIONS: Consumer  benefit  for  purchasing  a  new  (unused,  not  previously warranty registered) select eligible Yamaha 2.5 to 300 HP four-stroke outboard is a choice of either a 24-month Yamaha Extended Service contract (choice offered in Florida is a 24-month Yamaha Limited Warranty), or a credit based  on  MSRP  toward  the  purchase  of  goods  and/or  services  at  the  authorized  participating  dealer  that  sold  the  outboard,  at  no  extra  cost  to  consumer.  NO  BENEFIT  SUBSTITUTIONS.  To  be  eligible,  outboards  must  also have been manufactured since January 2011. Promotion is only applicable from authorized participating Yamaha Outboard dealers in the USA, sold to purchasing consumers residing in the USA. Promotion is limited to available
stock in dealer inventory that is sold, PDI completed, delivered and warranty registered on YMBS by the dealer in accordance with Yamaha’s Promotion and warranty registration requirements during applicable dates. Applicable models may vary. Any new models introduced after December 1, 2017 are NOT eligible for this Promotion. No model substitutions, benefit substitutions, extensions or rain checks will be allowed. Outboards sold or provided for commercial, camp, resort, rental, promotional/demo, government agency, competition, tournament or sponsorship
use are not eligible. This Promotion cannot be used in conjunction with any other Yamaha offer. Some exceptions may apply. See authorized participating Yamaha dealer for complete details. Yamaha reserves the right to change or cancel this Promotion at any time. Other restrictions and conditions may apply